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Well, this community doesn't seem to get used very often, but I thought I would risk it and post about myself.  I'm currently sick and I can't sleep so I'm going to spend my time doing this instead.

My name's Heather.  I'm obsessed with a lot of things, so I'll post about them.  I'm 16 (17 in February) and I live on the West Coast of Canada.  I do love it here but I want to move away.

Number one: obsession would have to be Music.  Most of all, Arctic Monkeys.  I don't know what it is with them but they are amazing to me.  They've introduced me to so much more - that sounds stupid but it has.  Every new band or musician I know can somehow be linked back to them.

Number two: I am a hard-core anglophile.  I love England and the UK + Ireland.  I plan to move there in my future and I wish I could run away there now.  I know it's probably a lot less than what I expect it to be but I feel like I belong there.

Number three: I have a problem with egg cartons.  The weight has to be distributed properly throughout the carton, so I take equal amounts off the end and centre them in the middle.

Number four: I check YouTube about 18 times a day for updates from my subscriptions.  I love that people my age go on there and just sit in front of a camera and... vlog, and let out their inner creativity.  I've done it myself but I must say they're not as interesting as I wish they could be, because I don't have the equipment or the time I wish I did.  Tying into my anglophilia, I'm mostly subscribed to people with accents.  So many of the people are  so great and I would love to one day meet a lot of them but... I'm just a lurker at the moment :(.  Tying into Arctic Monkeys, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't know the wonderful world of YouTube behind the music videos and viral videos.

Number five: I watch cartoons more than real television shows.  I love older cartoons like Rupert and Babar, and watching episodes of old TV shows I watched when I was a kid and remembering exactly what happened in them even though I haven't seen them for years.

Number six: I cry in every movie, and I think it's become sort of like a weird habit.  Worst/most embarrassing experience was on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver when I watched 'Bridge to Terabithia' where I bawled my eyes out in front of my dad and a stranger who was watching Saw II on his iPod...

Number seven: The one thing that will get me out of bed immediately is On The Radio by Regina Spektor.  I love that song, and it makes me want the day to start.

Number eight: I can't sleep with socks... but my feet have to be completely warm and they never are.  I always have to lift up my legs to let my duvet fall under them and then put them back down...  Best thing is when my cat sleeps by them and they stay warm.

Number nine: Everytime I'm on the phone with something, I start to eat and turn off the TV.  I think it's my inner recluse telling them to go away, or something weird... but I like talking on the phone.

Number ten:  I say internet-speak-word-things in real life... "Lawl" "stfu" "gtfo" "ftw" "wtf" and variations... does that count?

Number eleven: Whenever I'm saying a random number for exaggerations such as "He complained like *insert number here* million times" it always starts with the number eight.... like eight hundred, eighteen or eight six.  Check number four for confirmation on that... hahaha.

I think I'll stop at eleven...

I hope the list's acceptable, and hello to anyone out there!
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