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divulge in your neurotic fixations. i dare you.

we ate your ramen noodles.

neurotic fixations
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neu·rot·ic: one affected with a neurosis.
( neurosis; a mental or personality disturbance).
fix·a·tion: an obsessive preoccupation.

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we are delusional and we like it.
this is not a complicated community. we are the strange children with what mainstream society deems strange obsessions. actually, some of them, we deem strange too. it's okay. we're fixated, to the extent that it's neurotic. but we don't mind. in our own minds, we're superheroes, and that's all that matters. here, we band together and unite as freaks. we are nerdy, and we like it. ♥

anyone is welcome. feel free to discuss whatever you'd like, and post as much as you'd like. we won't even tear you apart if you make an introductory post. we promise.

rules; just obey common internet rules. don't be a pompous jackass unless you're really intelligent about it. obnoxious behaviour, racial slurs, predjudism, etc, will result in getting your internet ass kicked out. and just kicked, period. oh, we can do it. [note, making fun of all well known stereotypes, including any sort of music related scene, "gangsturrism" and otakus is acceptable. however, any members of these stereotypes may still join.] that's all, really.

join. you know you want to. ♥

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