Laura (literary) wrote in neurofix,

so here's a neurotic fixation for you.....

bare feet.  yes, i said it.. bare feet.  while they may be ugly, stinky, weirdly shaped or rough.. i absolutely love bare feet.  okay, so before i go too far into this post, let me go ahead & clarify something.. this is not, i repeat, is not about me having a foot fetish.. although if you do have a foot fetish, more power to you.  really though, there is nothing better than bare feet in the summer time.  bare feet in the grass, bare feet on the wood floor, bare feet on carpet, bare feet pressing up against the pedals of a motorized vehicle, bare feet in the water, bare feet on the concrete (yeah, even if it is a little hot), bare feet in the dirt and definitely can't forget bare feet hanging out the window of the passenger seat while cruising down the road.  (uh huh, that's right.. i'm one of those.)  i love the feeling of different textures up against my bare feet and i absolutely adore the feeling that overcomes me when i take off my tennis shoes and the cool air rushes over my feet, instantly relaxing me.  & not only do i love my own bare feet, but i loving seeing others bare foot as well.  it just reminds me of the sensation i get when it's my own bare feet and at that moment, no matter how different i may be from the bare footed person i am observing (yeah, like a creepy stalker), i know that we both feel the same thing up against our bare feet.  
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