Myndi (entrancingmuse) wrote in neurofix,


New fixation for me: Dresden Dolls.

I've liked them for a while, but recently, the music's been like a drug. Especially since the new album came out.

But, yeah. I've been listening to their music nonstop for a week now. Thank goodness for mp3 players.
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i only heard that one song...coin operated boy and i was kinda turned off.

does everything else sound like that, or will i be pleasantly surprised??
ur icon makes me laugh. but it's not all like coinoperated boy ..they have some more rough sounding songs that are harder and more intense.. it's hard to explain. I'd listen to girl anachornism, I love that song. Their new stuff seems different, I haven't listend to it yet though.

word up to the jews.
yeah..i'm a Trohmaniac. (joe trohman from fall out boy if you aren't familiar.)

my best friend summer made it for me. it's my most favorite icon ever. :)
haha cooll cool
Yeah, Coin-Operated Boy isn't like all of their stuff. Actually, it's the only one I've heard with the toy piano. I'd reccomend "Girl Anachronism" or "Gravity" off their first album, and "Shores of California" or "Sing" from their new one.
dresden dolls are great!

I was going to go to one of their concerts in paris this may, but then I got the news that I'm getting paid much less than I originally thought so now I can't :(
I know the feeling... I was supposed to see them yesterday. =(

But I AM seeing them in July. Squee!
I wish they'd play on some of this summers festivals.. but they seem to be on tour back in the US at that time.. damn you americans!!! ;P
favourite song, 1,2,3 go :P