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Just so you know, I've been waiting to bitch about this for like, two years.

Deena's obsession since, well, forever. Catwoman. (And the Black Cat too. Well, all the bad-ass comic women in Gotham & New York City.)

Here I intended on making a little post about how (since we were discussing DC) I hate the fact that WB changed "Catwoman-" but in process, I found a new rant. I hate that Halle Berry is now associated with Catwoman, and that movie completely skewered the Catwoman that DC so nicely created. As most know, Warner Brother's Catwoman is a completely new creation. We all know her, right? Her name is Patience Price, and she's got some mad super skills. She's nothing like Selina Kyle- the real (and only) Catwoman.

Argghh, I'm looking for pictures of "Catwoman"- and all I find is bloody Halle Berry! I remember the days before the movie it was so easy. But nooo. Now, Halle Berry everywhere, and it's not even right. (I was tempted to just scan up images from the comics. Grr.)

On a whole, if I pretend Catwoman was actually WB's creation, then, hey, good movie. Hot super-human woman in a tight suit, kicking ass. Not bad. But seriously. Selina Kyle was your average street-kid turned vigilante. Not...Patience Price!

THIS is who I'm talking about!:

On a side note, I was also obsessed with Marvel's Black Cat, and desperately wanted Peter Parker to forget MJ and be forever happy as PeterxFelicia/SpideyxBlackCat. Haha.

Btw, as you can see above, there's the black suit, and Black Cat & Spiderman perfecting the upside kiss. TAKE THAT MJ.

Um, I'm sad, I know. xD
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