Violet Stars Happy Hunting! (adirgeforher) wrote in neurofix,
Violet Stars Happy Hunting!

So I admit it. I need a clean desktop.

And I have to change colours and wallpapers pretty frequently...and more has to be neat, organized and colour coordinated. When I had icons, they all matched and everything. xD

Click for my desktop. ♥

I'm also obsessed with High School Musical.



I know.
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Deleted comment

hey it's okay!
using widgets is easier anyways. haha
arghhh, high school musical. arghhh.
you secretly love it!
i LOVE high school musical.

I'm watching it again at 8 tonight...because i'm sad and have no life. :)
you are as sad as i am.
but it's ok.
we are cool.
Yeah I like for my desktop to match as well! How did you get a to do list on your desktop. I need to learn to do that!
there are html desktop files that can be obtained, or you can cheat: :o
i have widgets.
how did you get all your folders and things in that menu?
it would be from this amazing contraption :D