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neurotic fixations

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so here's a neurotic fixation for you..... [(7/2/08 - 9:54 pm)]

bare feet.  yes, i said it.. bare feet.  while they may be ugly, stinky, weirdly shaped or rough.. i absolutely love bare feet.  okay, so before i go too far into this post, let me go ahead & clarify something.. this is not, i repeat, is not about me having a foot fetish.. although if you do have a foot fetish, more power to you.  really though, there is nothing better than bare feet in the summer time.  bare feet in the grass, bare feet on the wood floor, bare feet on carpet, bare feet pressing up against the pedals of a motorized vehicle, bare feet in the water, bare feet on the concrete (yeah, even if it is a little hot), bare feet in the dirt and definitely can't forget bare feet hanging out the window of the passenger seat while cruising down the road.  (uh huh, that's right.. i'm one of those.)  i love the feeling of different textures up against my bare feet and i absolutely adore the feeling that overcomes me when i take off my tennis shoes and the cool air rushes over my feet, instantly relaxing me.  & not only do i love my own bare feet, but i loving seeing others bare foot as well.  it just reminds me of the sensation i get when it's my own bare feet and at that moment, no matter how different i may be from the bare footed person i am observing (yeah, like a creepy stalker), i know that we both feel the same thing up against our bare feet.  
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[(1/21/08 - 12:55 am)]

Well, this community doesn't seem to get used very often, but I thought I would risk it and post about myself.  I'm currently sick and I can't sleep so I'm going to spend my time doing this instead.

My name's Heather.  I'm obsessed with a lot of things, so I'll post about them.  I'm 16 (17 in February) and I live on the West Coast of Canada.  I do love it here but I want to move away.

I hope the list's acceptable, and hello to anyone out there!
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What's the latest album you've bought/downloaded? [(6/27/06 - 6:42 pm)]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi, noticed no one has posted here for awhile.. so I figured I'd do it!

What's the latest album you've bought/downloaded recently and how was it?

Mine was Zero 7 latest album titled The Garden and it's absolutely fantastic!

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OMG! I'm posting about Scott Pilgrim... AGAIN! [(5/14/06 - 8:13 pm)]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I actually hate the design of his covers... but this still looks soooo good! (take that logic!)

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FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. YAY. [(5/1/06 - 7:05 pm)]


http://www.freecomicbookday.com/ :)
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Gasp. [(4/22/06 - 10:58 pm)]

New fixation for me: Dresden Dolls.

I've liked them for a while, but recently, the music's been like a drug. Especially since the new album came out.

But, yeah. I've been listening to their music nonstop for a week now. Thank goodness for mp3 players.
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Scott Pilgrim Promo Image! [(4/20/06 - 5:38 pm)]

[ mood | geeky ]

This is awesome!

(the latest is that the book might be out in the 24th of May, but it's also likely to be even more delayed)

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Not that anyone cares or anything, but... [(4/17/06 - 8:38 pm)]


This is my desktop now (click it) and it's super cool. And stuff.
Yeah I don't know anything about that game. I just thought it [the wallpaper] was pretty. Hah.


(Yes. I know. I have an unhealthy obsession with changing my desktop. And such.)

P.S people, post, c'mon. :(
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Green Tea, anyone? [(4/4/06 - 3:45 pm)]

WTF. I keep getting all this spam about green tea.

I don't understand it, really.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I swear, they only do this to me. It's not even about bubble tea. I hate green tea!
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Just thought I'd share... [(3/12/06 - 9:51 pm)]


Make your computer pretty. :o

Image hosting by Photobucket

This picture has nothing to do with anything.
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ARRGGHHH I HATE WARNER BROTHERS. & Yay comics. [(3/5/06 - 6:12 pm)]

Just so you know, I've been waiting to bitch about this for like, two years.

Deena's obsession since, well, forever. Catwoman. (And the Black Cat too. Well, all the bad-ass comic women in Gotham & New York City.)

Here I intended on making a little post about how (since we were discussing DC) I hate the fact that WB changed "Catwoman-" but in process, I found a new rant. I hate that Halle Berry is now associated with Catwoman, and that movie completely skewered the Catwoman that DC so nicely created. As most know, Warner Brother's Catwoman is a completely new creation. We all know her, right? Her name is Patience Price, and she's got some mad super skills. She's nothing like Selina Kyle- the real (and only) Catwoman.

Argghh, I'm looking for pictures of "Catwoman"- and all I find is bloody Halle Berry! I remember the days before the movie it was so easy. But nooo. Now, Halle Berry everywhere, and it's not even right. (I was tempted to just scan up images from the comics. Grr.)

On a whole, if I pretend Catwoman was actually WB's creation, then, hey, good movie. Hot super-human woman in a tight suit, kicking ass. Not bad. But seriously. Selina Kyle was your average street-kid turned vigilante. Not...Patience Price!

THIS is who I'm talking about!:

On a side note, I was also obsessed with Marvel's Black Cat, and desperately wanted Peter Parker to forget MJ and be forever happy as PeterxFelicia/SpideyxBlackCat. Haha.

Btw, as you can see above, there's the black suit, and Black Cat & Spiderman perfecting the upside kiss. TAKE THAT MJ.

Um, I'm sad, I know. xD
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[(3/3/06 - 9:36 pm)]

1) So, Death Note fans...is it just in the pilot [manga] that the kid's 12? Lol. xD

2) OMG. I don't know how I feel about the changing of the black suit. It's pretty hot though. :

Image hosting by Photobucket

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haha found another one! [(2/17/06 - 8:47 am)]

[ mood | crazy ]

I was talking with a few of my friends again and I have discovered another weird thing I consistently do. I will be watching television and subconciously I will remove only one of my socks, slowly. After it has been removed I will not put it back on. i will walk around the house and sleep like that. The only way I will put the sock back on is if I am putting shoes on. I am such a weirdo.

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So I admit it. I need a clean desktop. [(2/13/06 - 11:34 pm)]

And I have to change colours and wallpapers pretty frequently...and more so...it has to be neat, organized and colour coordinated. When I had icons, they all matched and everything. xD

Click for my desktop. ♥

I'm also obsessed with High School Musical.



I know.
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just curious..... [(2/12/06 - 9:04 pm)]

but does anyone else remember a show called "Being Eve" that was on Noggin/The N a few years ago? I was thinking about TV shows that weren't on anymore and that one came to mind. I loved it :]
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[(2/12/06 - 12:52 pm)]

[ mood | im siiick. D: ]

Okay first post! I'm Afi (aah-fee), 16 and I'm living in Malaysia. Woop de doo.

So here're my obsessions:
1- Notebooks. I tend to collect them, I'll buy them, and I won't use most of them. It's just the notion of "I HAVE TO GET THAT BOOK!" that drives me insane! For my 15th birthday a friend bought me 7 notebooks to make me happy. Haha.

2- Neat handwriting. I will get a headache looking at not-so-neat handwritings, haha. And I will always maintain my handwriting in a very small size, and it will not touch the right margin (most of my school notebooks have this slightly visible margin on the right of the page because of the margin behind... yeah), unless I have no space, so I had to sacrifice it. I tend to buy notebooks that have very narrow lines as well. And the whole page must be filled unless I am just too lazy to continue writing or there's nothing else to write about.

3- Other people's fingers. I have fingers that are shorter than average, so I can get really fixated while looking at others' fingers, especially if they're long. Most people are used to it, so that's okay.

4- Shaking my left foot while trying to get myself to sleep. It's a habit, actually. I have to shake it until I'm asleep. Sometimes my sister would complain because it annoys her, haha.

5- Collarbones and spines. Just one of those things that I tend to notice about other people. The more it is visible, the more I get really excited (no, not that kind you people). I tend to draw collarbones as well.

6- The British way of spelling things. Like u in colour, favourite, and other words. Theatre, metre, aeroplanes, stuff like that. But that's probably because I was taught under the British rule so hmm.

7- I say LOL in real life and I'm proud of that. Oh yea. And the number 7 is my favourite number.

That's all for now, I guess? Haha.

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Valentines & Asian pop culture. [(2/10/06 - 5:09 pm)]

1) http://wiki.theppn.org

It's like wiki for Asian artists. It's great. ♥

2) Now we all know Valentine's Day is fast approaching...how will you handle it? Me? Personally? Sit at home and read a comic book or something, probably, or some Faulkner. Or, last choice, go to a university for an open house.

Just randomly, I just found the greatest site ever; works better for my personal sentiments regarding V-day. It has anti-valentines. Yeah that's right. Haha. http://www.meish.org/vd/ Not the greatest graphics, but amusing nonetheless.

3) For further anti-Valentine sentiments, try the The Anti-Valentine's Handbook-

The mushy sentiment, the lousy candies, and the pressure of finding a date make February 14th a day that many wish didn’t exist.This pocketsized companion to Flirtology will help lovelorn readers laugh their way through the most brutal of holidays.

Learn which movies are best for a night alone (Love Stinks). Identify signs that a date isn’t going well ("HELP ME" written in his mashed potatoes). Discover why having a date can be worse than not (four words: better looking e-girlfriend).

The mushy sentiment, the lousy candies, and the pressure of finding a date make February 14th a day that many wish didn’t exist.This pocketsized companion to Flirtology will help lovelorn readers laugh their way through the most brutal of holidays.

Learn which movies are best for a night alone (Love Stinks). Identify signs that a date isn’t going well ("HELP ME" written in his mashed potatoes). Discover why having a date can be worse than not (four words: better looking ex-girlfriend).

".....Is it biodegradable? This stuff glows under blacklight, we think... But hey it's Valentine's Day and what better way to say "I love you" than to feed your sweetie nonbiodegrable, glowing, lethal substances? Hmmm?"

Yes...It's rather amusing. Oh, good times.
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one word. [(2/7/06 - 5:06 pm)]



(click it, go on, do it)
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Aloha. [(2/5/06 - 2:32 pm)]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Greetings, Neurofixer-y-people. I've been lurking in this community, and I figured it's about time I posted something.

Anywho, Me=Myndi.

Now that that's out of the way, I get to talk about me. Hurray. I'm not very good at this, so bear with me.

I'm old enough, but too young for you. I live, laugh, and love in a small suburb that no one has ever heard of in the armpit of America. High school is supposed to hold the best years of our lives. It has yet to disappoint.

Spelling is a big issue with me. It has been, ever since pre-school when the teachers couldn't spell my name correctly. And it wasn't that hard to mess up, either. They kept changing it so that it was a masculine form. Maybe that's why I went through that stage when I thought I was a guy?

I'm a procrastinator, but not because I'm lazy or anything like that. I just don't feel comfortable finishing things early. If I try and fight it, and do something more than a day before it should be finished, I end up either dismantling it, deleting it, or throwing it away. I'm trying to write poems for another community with a 100 day time frame, and it's hurting me not to get rid of the fourteen poems I've finished already.

I like fire. And hot wax. The whole wax thing probably started when someone gave me one of those machines that melt the wax down and you soak your hands/feet in it. It feels like heaven; you really should try it. Fire, on the other hand, is a mystery. I have no clue when my obsession started, but I keep matches and lighters in my room so I can calm myself with fire. I suppose it just relaxes me.

Like someone before mentioned, open doors make me crazy. I can't concentrate with a door open. It makes me very uncomfortable.

I must sleep in complete darkness with some sort of mechanical whirring in order to lose consciousness. Otherwise, I sit up all night. I have to cover my alarm clock at night because the digital display keeps me awake. It's annoying.

I also have a tendency to narrate what I'm doing. In the back of my head right now, I'm thinking of ideas for a story, I guess. For now, I'll just type what I think:

"She sat slumped over in the chair, flexing her shoulders as she busily typed about her strange obsessions. Letting out a deep breath, she looked over to the door creaking open, then promptly pushed it shut with her bare foot."

Maybe I'm creative?

My mind tends to wander a lot, so my posts do tend to ramble. Sometimes I go off on a tangent and start to scare myself. But that's only when I'm left alone. If I'm speaking to someone else, obviously the topics don't stray that far most of the time.

Anyway, I'm out of things to talk about for now. I've got a million things on my mind, and can't start writing about everyday occurences. That involves too much thinking. Things just happen, and I don't think they're weird at all.

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FSMism is much sexier than your religion! [(2/4/06 - 1:00 pm)]

[ mood | strangely turned on ]

All you newly converted pastafarians might like this:

They be touched by his noodly appendage! Yarr!

or not. :S

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